Nusa Dua Bali, May 6-7, 2019



  1. Read carefully the “General Provision” before completing the Registration process.
  2. Register your interest to attend as Participant by doing 2 (two) steps of registration.
  3. The first step is to fill in the Participant Data completely (via the google-form link below). You will automatically receive notifications from Google Form where there is a payment menu link (provided by third party:
  4. The second step, continue the payment process with various payment methods provided there. If your payment is successful, then you will receive an automatic “E-VOUCHER” (shown below) as an official receipt & confirmation from which you may redeem to our Registration staff upon your arrival at the premise.
  5. Please be assured that all information provided here will be treated as confidential. Only completed form will be validated.
  6. After April 30, 2019, all registration is subject to availability and will take place onsite with CASH payment in Rupiah (IDR) only. In the event that the event is oversubscribed, The OC may regretfully have to close registration prior to that date.


1. All rates are quoted in IDR (Rupiahs). Upon registration all invoiced sums including applicable taxes & services, are payable in full in advance by participant to our payment gateaway partner : LOKET.COM
2. We will takes no responsibility for subsequent exchange rates applied by the credit card companies, when the statement is converted into other currencies. Bank charges and commissions are to be borne by the participant.
3. The Rupiah exchange rate against the US Dollar is currently in the range of Rp 14,000 – Rp 14,500.-

Amendment / Cancellation / No-Show
1. Tickets that have been purchased is non-refundable. This also includes if the participant is not present on the day of the event without notice (No-show), irrespective of the reasons, including the inability to obtain a visa to visit Indonesia, family bereavement or from illness. As deemed necessary, you are recommended to buy an insurance covering the inability to attend.
2. However, the name of the delegation can be changed (transferable) with the following conditions: All requests for amendment need to be made in writing to The Organizing Committee (OC) c/o cc to, not later than April 30, 2019. After this date, all changes are not granted.

Force Majeure
1. Cancellation of the Event. If The OC is prevented from holding the event for reasons outside its own control, any amounts received by The OC will be refunded accordingly within 30 days.
2. Rescheduling of the Event. If The OC is in a position to hold the event at a later date it must notify participant immediately. Participants are entitled to cancel their participation in the event if it is rescheduled, provided such cancellation is given within one week following receipt of this notification. In such cases claims for payment of participation no longer apply.
3. For events that have already commenced if The OC is obliged to shorten or cancel an event that has already begun, as a result of force majeure, participants are not entitled to assert claims for repayment or for exemption from the ticket payment.

Data Protection
1. Participant expressly agrees that The OC may store, process, or disseminate personal information – including electronically processed data – for business purposes in accordance with Indonesia data protection laws. We collect, use and process your personal data for the purposes of substantiating, fulfilling and processing your contract with The OC as well as for market research.
2. In order to fulfil our contractual obligations, it is necessary to forward some of your information to The OC subsidiaries and partner companies that process this data on our behalf.
3. Participant expressly agrees that The OC may store, process or disseminate business information – including electronically processed data – as long as necessary to achieve the objectives of The OC or its affiliates, or to fulfil any other justifiable needs. This information is also made available to official The OC foreign representatives and partner companies located outside of Indonesia. Your information is used in accordance with legal stipulations and only for the defined purposes. Any declaration of consent you have provided to The OC can be withdrawn at any time.

The OC is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alternation, postponement or cancellation of an event.
The mutual rights and obligations deriving from this contractual arrangement and resulting from this contract are subject to the law of the Republic of Indonesia.